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Solutions & Applications Overview
Avaya Converged Communications Solutions are targeted at enterprises that fit one or more of the criteria in the following profile:

• Has a mobile workforce (especially one that is dealing with problems of phone, e-mail,
  and voice-mail tag)
• Requires real-time or fast response of information to customer requests (particularly
  if this information requires access to "knowledge" workers within the organization)
• Knowledge-based industry with distributed reservoirs of information
• Team-based development organizations that may be distributed geographically
  or across functions (ie. multi- functional core teams)
• Knowledge-based sales teams (ie. requiring ready access back to internal experts)
• High level of collaboration required (ie. consulting organizations)
• Rapidly changing environment that requires fast information (ie financial services) and
  quick response
• Anyone using instant messaging today

Applications/Target Verticals

• Call Center/CRM
• Financial Services
• Field Sales/Technical Field
• Distributed Group Collaboration
• Consulting/Professional Services
• High Technology
• Sales and Support Teams
• Multi-Function Core Teams
• Development Teams

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